Off-campus accommodation

We offer comfortable off-campus accommodation to students. The houses come with a number of facilities tailored for the student.

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Transport to campus

Some of our houses are located a sizeable distance from campus, hence to make things easy for the student, we provide transport to and fro college.

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The most treasured facility we offer students who stay with us is free internet access. This helps a great deal in their studies, nonetheless, we also offer a number of other facilities.

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Why we care

Providing student accommodation is not just a business for us it is also something we do because we care for the university student. Having gone through college accommodation crisis ourselves we know the difficulties that students face. Hence we now concentrate our efforts in providing the essential needs that we hoped for during our college years.

We have grown during the years and currently we provide accommodation to students from University of Zimbabwe (UZ), Midlands State University (MSU), Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) and Women University in Africa (WUA).



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We know accommodation crisis can be a strain on your studying and your overall social life. Improve the quality of your varsity life by coming to stay with us today.


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